Consortium on Individual Development

Special issue

Teaming up to understand individual development

The CID special issue in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (DCN) will describe the theoretical scope and approach of the four different work packages, our human and animal measures to examine the two guiding CID concepts of behavioural control and social competence, as well as the methodology needed to ultimately understand and predict individual differences. Finally, the special issue will include a series of empirical papers that demonstrate the available data, and the advanced methods and possibilities of our large (integrated) experimental and longitudinal datasets.


Brief descriptions of the potential papers (provided by the corresponding authors), have been collated in a booklet. Note: an older printed booklet was handed out at a CID meeting on 28 March 2019, this digital booklet was updated to include new potential papers.

First special issue paper: Eye-tracking in developmental research – the good, the bad and the ugly

Editorial team

The editorial team represents all work packages as well as the varied expertise within CID. Besides Chantal Kemner as managing guest editor, the following five guest editors are part of the CID special issue editorial team:

  1. Anna van Duijvenvoorde (Assistant Professor, LU, WP2) with expertise in longitudinal imaging, social development and reinforcement learning.
  2. Stefanie Nelemans (Assistant Professor, UU, WP3) with expertise in adolescent development, anxiety and depressive symptoms, longitudinal analyses, and genetics.
  3. Margot Peeters (Assistant Professor, UU, WP1) with expertise in adolescent development, risk behaviour, behavioural control and social context.
  4. Angela Sarabdjitsingh (Assistant Professor, UMCU, WP4) with expertise in animal models, early life stress, neuroendocrinology and meta-analysis.
  5. Eveline de Zeeuw (Assistant Professor, VU, WP3) with expertise in twin studies, population genetics, educational achievement and behavioural problems.


1 May 2019 – 29 Jan 2020 Author submission via the DCN editorial manager system. After starting a new submission, chose ‘VSI: CID special issue’ from the drop down menu.