Consortium on Individual Development

Team | Work package 3

Work package 3 focuses on the continuity of thriving (or failure to thrive) across three generations, and uses information available in large existing Dutch cohorts. The aim is to determine which factors are involved in transmission of behaviour between grandparents, parents, and children.

WP3 leader: Prof. Susan Branje

Generation-R cohort representative: Prof. Manon Hillegers
NTR cohort representative: Prof. Dorret Boomsma
RADAR cohort representative: Prof. Susan Branje
TRAILS cohort representative: Prof. Tineke Oldehinkel

Other PIs: Prof. Hans Ormel


Team | Work package 3
Prof. Susan Branje
RADAR Cohort Representative | WP3 Leader | Steering Committee | PI | Professor UU
Adolescence, Relationships, Personality, Identity, Psychosocial adjustment
Team | Work package 3
Prof. Dorret Boomsma
NTR Cohort Representative | Steering Committee | PI | Professor VU
Team | Work package 3
Prof. Manon Hillegers
GenerationR Cohort Representative | PI | Professor Erasmus MC
Team | Work package 3
Prof. Tineke Oldehinkel
TRAILS Cohort Representative | PI | Professor UMCG
Depression, Gender, Adolescence, Stress
Team | Work package 3
Prof. Hans Ormel
PI | Professor UMCG
Common mental disorders, Personality, Turning point events
Team | Work package 3
Prof. Meike Bartels
Professor VU
Team | Work package 3
Catharina Hartman
Associate Professor UMCG
ADHD , Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Neurodevelopment, Lifespan, Epidemiology
Team | Work package 3
Tina Kretschmer
Associate Professor RUG
Social development, Adolescence, Peer relationships, Intergenerational transmission
Team | Work package 3
Elsje van Bergen
Assistant Professor VU
Team | Work package 3
Stefanie Nelemans
Assistant Professor UU | Alumna postdoc
Adolescent development, Anxiety and depressive symptoms, Longitudinal analyses, Mplus, Genetics
Team | Work package 3
Jennifer Klop-Richards
Postdoc UMCG
Psychiatry, Psychology, Developmental psychology
Team | Work package 3
Charlotte Vrijen
Postdoc RUG
Depression, Information processing bias, Experience sampling, Peer experiences, Intergenerational transmission
Team | Work package 3
Nikita Setiaman
Postdoc genR
Team | Work package 3
Andrik Becht
Postdoc UU/LU | Alumnus PhD
Identity formation, Longitudinal models, Daily diary data, Adolescence
Team | Work package 3
Sanne Geeraerts
Postdoc UU | Alumna PhD candidate UU
Child development, Behavioural observations, Self-regulation, Parent-child interactions, Behavioural control
Team | Work package 3
Susanne Schulz
PhD candidate UU
Intergenerational transmission, Psychopathology, Personal relationships, Parent-child interactions
Team | Work package 3
Sofieke Kevenaar
PhD candidate VU
Educational Achievement, Twin Studies, Structural Equation Modeling
Team | Work package 3
Zenab Tamimy
PhD candidate VU
Twin-studies, Structural Equation Modelling, Psychometrics, Educational Achievement
Team | Work package 3
Yugyun Kim
PhD candidate UMCG
Intergenerational transmission, Self-regulation, Family environments, Cross-cultural research
Team | Work package 3
Maria Wiertsema
PhD candidate RUG
Intergenerational transmission, Peer experiences, Parent-child interaction, Child development
Team | Work package 3
Stefania Barzeva
PhD candidate UMCG
Social withdrawal, Peer and romantic relationships, Adolescence, Internalizing problems
Team | Work package 3
Hekmat Alrouh
Junior researcher
Public Health, Obesity, Diabetes, Lifestyle Medicine
Team | Work package 3
Prof. Henning Tiemeier
Alumnus PI | Professor Erasmus MC & Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Team | Work package 3
Elize Koopman - Verhoeff
Alumna Postdoc Erasmus MC
Sleep, Developmental psychopathology, Mental health, Family circumstances, Executive functions
Team | Work package 3
Alexander Neumann
Alumnus Postdoc Erasmus MC | Alumnus PhD
Psychiatric epidemiology, Genetic epidemiology, DNA methylation, Structural equation modeling
Team | Work package 3
Eveline de Zeeuw
Alumna Assistant Professor VU | Alumna postdoc
Twin studies, Population genetics, Educational achievement, Behavioural problems
Team | Work package 3
Prof. Frank Verhulst
Alumnus PI | Professor Erasmus MC
Team | Work package 3
Prof. Wim Meeus
Alumnus PI | Professor UU
Team | Work package 3
Odilia M. Laceulle
Alumna Postdoc
Developmental psychology, Personality psychology, Individual differences, Self-regulation, Developmental psychopathology, Adolescence
Team | Work package 3
Annelene J.P. Bloemen
Alumna PhD
Team | Work package 3
Sabine Veldkamp
Alumna PhD VU
Team | Work package 3
Anoek Sluiter-Oerlemans
Alumna Postdoc UMCG
Mental health, Turning points, Developmental disorders (ASD/ADHD), At-risk infants, Longitudinal data