Consortium on Individual Development

Annual reports

Funded by a prestigious NWO gravitation grant, our consortium on individual development (CID) unites the best in Dutch developmental research. CID encompasses seven institutes and several disciplines including social sciences, humanities and biomedical/medical sciences. By working as a team, we aim to understand and predict how the environment and child characteristics affect the development of social competence and behavioural control.

In 2018/2019, we have been reaping the benefits of our multidisciplinary consortium. A great example of our added value is a recent paper using cutting edge statistics to combine data from four CID cohorts. Our tight-knit research community also saw career progression of CID grown talent, with several successful PhD graduations and postdocs progressing to new roles. Finally, younger CID researchers started organising meetings for and by themselves.

Find out more in our annual report 2018/2019.

Warm regards,

Prof. dr. Chantal Kemner, Programme Chair