Consortium on Individual Development


The development of self-control during adolescence

Written by Mariëlle Zondervan-Zwijnenburg (Postdoc Utrecht University) In this paper, we evaluate how self-control develops and whether there is a gender effect on its development. We find robust support for…

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Limiting data loss in infant EEG

Written by Bauke van der Velde (PhD candidate Utrecht University) “Studying the features of data loss can help prevent biases in gathered data and increase our understanding of how to…

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First digital CIDYoung

On 13 May 2020 eighteen CID postdocs, PhD students and research assistants joined our first digital CIDyoung meeting. The COVID-19 crisis is particularly worrisome and stressful for those employed on…

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Meet our new PI: Catrin Finkenauer

Prof. Catrin Finkenauer will take over the role of CID PI in work package 1 from Prof. Wilma Vollebergh (who recently retired). Catrin is a professor in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences:…

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