Consortium on Individual Development


CID Spotlight on COVID data

On March 25th, we continued the CID Spotlight sessions with a new format. This time we had 2 talks on 1 theme: the CID COVID data. Five out of six CID cohorts collected COVID data last year. Michelle Achterberg (L-CID) and Elizabeth Buimer (YOUth) presented the findings after a year of COVID crisis.

Michelle Achterberg presented the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on the wellbeing of parents and children. This study is recently published in Nature Scientific Reports and in this well-received e-magazine for parents, educators and policy-makers.

The influence of the pandemic on wellbeing is measured in parents and children of the YOUth cohort at three time points during the crisis, as presented by Elizabeth Buimer. The status after one year of covid crisis is also recently presented in this nice infographic. 

The CID Spotlights take place every last Thursday of the month, from 15:00-15:45. The concept of 2 talks on 1 theme was well received, therefore we will continue this format on April 29th.