Consortium on Individual Development


CID special issue

The CID special issue in Developmental Cognitive Neurosciences is online! This acclaimed journal devotes an entire special issue on the interdisciplinary work of our consortium. It includes a general editorial and 16 published research articles.

Alongside the special issue, we published a digital magazine to communicate the outcomes to a broader audience in an appealing way. In this magazine you will find summaries of all the articles, often accompanied by infographics or clips.

The CID special issue underscores our collaboration by highlighting how different aspects of our consortium are integrated:

  • Do you know how top combine data of multiple sources, even with missing data? Kevenaar et al; Zondervan-Zwijnenburg et al.
  • Would you like to read about the set-up of a FAIR data infrastructure? YOUth shares experiences. Zondergeld et al.
  • Read how Generation-R, Netherlands Twin Register, RADAR and TRAILS came together to investigate intergenerational transmission. Branje et al.
  • You can also see how animal studies complement human studies in surprising ways… Kentrop et al; van der Veen et al.
  • .. or how the sampling bias of participants with a lower social economic status (SES) plays a role in the 6 CID cohorts. Peeters et al.