Consortium on Individual Development


PhD candidates and postdocs form an active part of the CID research community. They even organise their own halfyearly meetings for and by young CID researchers. These CIDyoung meetings are an opportunity to get to know and learn from each other. The concept resulted from a brainstorm and was further implemented by three organising committees (morning meeting, retreat, groupchat). If you want to get involved, contact Tess Beking.


The basis was a CIDyoung think tank that brainstormed about goals, content and format.

CIDyoung think tank (Ties Fakkel, Sofieke Kevenaar, Yentl de Kloe, Mara van der Meulen, Bianca van den Bulk, Valeria Bonapersona, Michelle Achterberg, Jizzo Bosdriesz, Anoek Sluiter-Oerlemans, Alexander Neumann, Hidde Ozinga, Simone Dobbelaar, Katerina Kalamari)

Organising committees

Three organising committees were formed:

  1. CIDyoung morning meeting on the 14th November 2019 ‘Conducting longitudinal research within CID – examination of translational perspectives
  2. CIDyoung retreat on 13 and 14 May 2020 was postponed due to COVID-19, but the same committee organised the first digital CIDyoung meeting ‘COVID-19: Pitfalls and Possibilities
  3. CIDyoung groupchat. After a six month testing phase, we found CID PhD/postdocs preferred to connect via conventional media (email/MS teams/zoom), so we discontinued the groupchat.