Consortium on Individual Development


Successful brainstorm on CIDyoung meetings

Thirteen PhDs and postdocs brainstormed about organising meetings for and by CIDyoung researchers. The constructive atmosphere led to a clear vision and volunteers to organise the first CIDyoung meeting on the morning of Thursday 14th November 2019.

The first good sign was the quick and positive response after just one email asking to help think about meetings for and by CIDyoung researchers. Without any reminders, thirteen young CID researchers volunteered to brainstorm on the 28th March 2019: Michelle Achterberg, Valeria Bonapersona, Jizzo Bosdriesz, Bianca van den Bulk, Ties Fakkel, Katerina Kalamari, Sofieke Kevenaar, Yentl de Kloe, Mara van der Meulen, Alexander Neumann, Hidde Ozinga, Anoek Sluiter-Oerlemans, Simone Dobbelaar.
Next, we asked our CIDyoung think tank for suggestions on the goal, content and format. Yet again the overwhelmingly positive response and input ensured we had a great start for our brainstorm.

During our brainstorm, do’s and don’ts for the first CIDyoung meeting were identified using a traffic light voting system (red/orange/green cards). Although, as true scientists, new concepts were suggested after discussing the merits of the different suggestions.

At the end of the brainstorm:

  • Concept: For the first CIDyoung morning session the 14th November 2019. The organising committee will decide on the details, but the consensus at the brainstorm was to hold two rounds of table discussion. Round 1 on cross-WP integrative research questions and round 2 on own work,
  • Organising commitee: Mara van der Meulen LU WP2, Anoek Sluiter-Oerlemans UMCG WP3, Katerina Kalamari UMCU WP4
  • Do’s: CID specific themes/skills, collaboration, networking, mix different work packages, discuss own work, food