Consortium on Individual Development


First CIDyoung meeting

by Mara van der Meulen, Anoek Sluiter-Oerlemans and Katerina Kalamari

Following up on an inspiring brainstorm session for the CIDyoung community, the first CIDyoung meeting on “Conducting longitudinal research with CID- examination of translational perspectives” successfully took place on the 14 November 2019.

Our aim was to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences between researchers from all four WPs. We prepared common research topics regarding the sample and measurement selection in an experiment such as ‘Drop-outs’, ‘Biased sample selection’, ‘Longitudinal data analyses’, ‘The time lag problem’, ‘Habituation’, ‘Translation tasks’.

Participants were challenged to approach these topics from a human research as well as an animal research perspective. During several rounds of table discussions the group talked about similarities and differences between these two different fields that are both represented in the CID community.

Hopefully, some new ideas were triggered during these discussions! Thank you for your great participation!


Photography: Yentl de Kloe