Consortium on Individual Development


Spring 2019 CID meeting ‘Our plans’

On 28th March 2019, more than seventy researchers joined the spring CID meeting on ‘Our plans’. Two PIs and several PhDs presented their plans, while we also discussed our special issue. Even the breaks were put to good use as many researchers (re)connected and discussed their plans.

The meeting kicked off with dr. Elsje van Bergen pitching ‘Twitter for academics’. She promoted the hashtag #CIDconsortium and signing up for the CID twitterlist.

The first PI to present was prof. René Kager, he gave an overview of his research interest and CID plans on ‘Connecting early language development and emotion recognition’.

This served as a great introduction of his new PhD Anika van der Klis, who was the first of seven PhDs introducing themselves in the ‘CID new faces’ session (Anika van der Klis UU WP1, Simone Dobbelaar LU WP2, Ties Fakkel UU WP1, Heiko Schmengler UU WP1, Katerina Kalamari UMCU WP4, Sofieke Kevenaar VU WP3, Marissa Hofstee UU WP1).

Next prof. Manon Hillegers (CID PI and cohort representative for generation R) outlined her research plans on ‘Intergenerational transmission of psychopathology’ and how her new CID project fits in.

Finally, there was an update on the CID special issue in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (DCN). In preparation, brief descriptions of the potential papers (provided by the corresponding authors), were collated in a special issue booklet.

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