Consortium on Individual Development


28 March 2019
13:00 - 17:00
Kanunnikenzaal, Academiegebouw/Faculty Club, Achter de Dom 7, 3512 JN Utrecht

CID spring meeting

Join our next CID meeting on Thursday 28th March 2019 in Utrecht. This is an opportunity to meet and learn about each other’s research and activities.

At the meeting prof. René Kager and prof. Manon Hillegers will present their research interest, new PhDs will briefly introduce themselves and there will be an update on the CID special issue. In preparation, brief descriptions of the potential papers (provided by the corresponding authors), have been collated in a special issue booklet.

Sign up by mailing Iris Bleeker (CID secretariat).

Programma OUR PLANS
Time What
12.30-13.00h Doors open
13.00-13.10h Opening statement
13.10-13.50h Connecting early language development and emotion recognition
Prof. René Kager
13.50-14.10h Introducing new PhDs
Series of 2 min short introductions Anika van der Klis, UU, WP1, CID PI: René Kager
Simone Dobbelaar, LU, WP2, CID PI: Eveline Crone
Ties Fakkel, UU, WP1, CID PI: Wilma Vollebergh
Heiko Schmengler UU, WP1, CID PI: Wilma Vollebergh
Katerina Kalamari, UMCU, WP4, CID PI: Marian Joëls
Sofieke Kevenaar, VU, WP3, CID PI: Dorret Boomsma
Marissa Hofstee, UU, WP1, CID PI: Maja Dekovic
14.10-14.50h Intergenerational transmission of psychopathology
Prof. Manon Hillegers
14.50-15.15h Short break
15.15-16.00h CID special issue
16.00-17.00h Drinks