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Watch CID spotlight with Caroline Junge

Caroline Junge (Assistant professor at Utrecht University) talked about Building blocks of social competence.

Social competence is of fundamental importance in society. It is linked to prowess in other domains, such as health, academic success, and happiness. To optimize interventions aimed at improving a child’s social competence, we need a theoretical framework that captures the development of social competence in a changing society. CID contributes to the development of a theoretical framework, by adding a developmental perspective and an interdisciplinary collaboration where several lines of expertise come together.



Caroline also answered questions such as: Does this model suggest all the contexts are equally important in the development of social competence?

More information

Junge C., Valkenburg P.M., Dekovic M., Branje S. (2020). The Building Blocks of Social Competence: Contributions of the Consortium of Individual Development. Developmental cognitive neuroscience
Caroline provided a summary here
The paper is part of a special issue in Developmental cognitive neuroscience about the Consortium on Individual Development. For an overview of all papers go to here