Consortium on Individual Development


10 November 2020
09:15 - 09:30
Digital (via zoom)

CID spotlight: Caroline Junge – Building blocks of social competence

Social competence is of fundamental importance in society. It is linked to prowess in other domains, such as health, academic success, and happiness. To optimize interventions aimed at improving a child’s social competence, we need a theoretical framework that captures the development of social competence in a changing society. CID contributes to the development of a theoretical framework, by adding a developmental perspective and an interdisciplinary collaboration where several lines of expertise come together.

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More information

Caroline provided a summary here or read her article:
Junge C., Valkenburg P.M., Dekovic M., Branje S. (2020). The Building Blocks of Social Competence: Contributions of the Consortium of Individual Development. Developmental cognitive neuroscience