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Advice on road safety from a neurodevelopmental angle

At first glance road safety and neurodevelopment form an unusual pairing, but Michelle Achterberg connects them in four short advisory videos for a Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VNN) campaign ‘Verkeersgedrag van kinderen, de ontwikkelingsfasen

Although road safety and (brain) development of children might not seem to be linked, there are (neuro)developmental aspects to a child’s behaviour in traffic. Michelle not only presents an insight in the relationship, but also provides tips and tricks for parents on how to guide their children in traffic.

I am no road safety expert, but in these videos I am able to add a scientific developmental psychology perspective”
– Michelle Achterberg (Postdoc Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University)

The developmental perspective is clear from the get-go as each video has advice tailored to a certain age category:

0-4 years old

4-8 years old

8-12 years old

12-16 years old

The videos make clear how scientific findings can be translated back into everyday life!

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Website Veilig Verkeer Nederland ‘Verkeersgedrag van kinderen, de ontwikkelingsfasen