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Utrecht Summer School: Modeling the dynamics of intensive longitudinal data

Ellen Hamaker, part of work package 4, is organising  a course at Utrecht University Summer school on how to study dynamics in intensive longitudinal data. The course is for researchers who are interested in gaining more insight in the diverse modeling approaches for intensive longitudinal data, with a specific focus on the underlying dynamics (i.e., lagged relationships). While there will be computer labs to obtain some hands-on experience, the emphasis in this course is on obtaining an overview of the diverse challenges associated with these data, and the different philosophies behind the techniques that have been designed to tackle these.

Course aim

Provide a broad overview of challenges and solutions associated with studying the dynamics in intensive longitudinal data.


Course fee € 600.00
Housing fee € 200.00

Tuition fee for PhD students from the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences from Utrecht University will be funded by the Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences.