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Andrik Becht receives PhD degree cum laude

 On 12 April 2019 Andrik Becht successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled ‘Becoming Certain of the Self Longitudinal Studies Into the Dynamics of (Daily) Identity Development’ at Utrecht University. He received his degree cum laude, a very rare distinction that is only given for outstanding results that have been obtained with a very high level of independence.

In his dissertation, Andrik applied an innovative approach by studying both daily, and long-term identity processes at the within- and between-person level from early adolescence into emerging adulthood. Given the fact that identity development does not take place in a void, he also examined theoretically relevant contextual, and neurobiological predictors, and consequences of identity uncertainty. Together, the dissertation provides a developmental, comprehensive, and systematic perspective on the study of identity.

More information via the Utrecht University website (in Dutch).
Becht A.I. (2019) Becoming certain of the self: Longitudinal studies into the dynamics of (daily) identity development.
Persistent identifier URN:NBN:NL:UI:10-1874-378080