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VU summer school Nature and Nurture: Twin Research and Human Genetics

The Department of Biological  Psychology, VU Amsterdam, are organising a summer course Nature and Nurture: Twin Research and  Human Genetics. The course is aimed at all students and professionals interested in the rapidly evolving field of human genetics, especially those aspiring to join its international research community.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, you:

  • Understand and can interpret results from genetic studies of complex human behavioural traits.
  • Understand the current state of human genetics research in a historical perspective and can contribute to discussions about gene-environment interaction.
  • Can analyse genetically informative twin and family data.
  • Understand the assessment and diagnosis of traits and phenotypes.
  • Can work with multiple “-omics” data: genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics (gene expression) and microbiomics.


The application deadline is 1 May 2019 (unless a course fills up at an earlier date).

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