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Utrecht Summer School: Neurocognitive methods for infant and toddler research

The Utrecht Summer School ‘Neurocognitive methods for infant and toddler research’ organised on behalf of Dynamics of Youth is aiming to:

  • acquaint students (advanced master level, PhD and Postdocs) with frequently applied methods in brain, cognition and behaviour research with infants and toddlers,
  • sensitize the students to issues regarding reliability, replicability, and validity by having them explore how these issues are related to susceptibilities of current techniques and quantitative analysis methods.

Registration deadline: 1st June 2019

Confirmed speakers:

Celeste Kidd – Behavioural methods and the Goldilocks effect in cognitive research
Emily Jones – EEG research to study social development
Jacco van Elst – Application of Eyetracking in infants
Manon Benders – Novel methods: MRI research to study brain development in infants
Carlijn van den Boomen – Novel methods: The basics of fNIRS research


More information: Utrecht Summer School website

Contact person: Carlijn van den Boomen (work package 1)